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Ispa “Our understanding of an efficient network is to complement each other by interacting constantly. By bundling our know-how and expertise we are able to offer a broad range of services”



Assigning the most suitable people to the designated positions is every organisation’s core mission. Our assessments serve as support for identifying and evaluating the most suitable organisational members to become key people within the business structure. All organisations determined to build a sound, solid business environment need to identify leaders and key factors for performance, choose the right people for higher management and construct succession planning. An evaluation from specialists outside the organisation guarantees an objective, transparent and impartial process and assessment. Our comprehensive expertise and long experience in the assessment and evaluation field enable us to pursue a professional and in-depth approach, report our findings and specify recommendations for change.



In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment it is common for highly capable and qualified individuals to find themselves on the job market. We acknowledge this fact and provide assistance and advice to individuals with the goal to find suitable and adequate employment prospects within a short time frame. Outplacement assistance may include career counselling and analysis, professional resumé writing, cover-letter writing, interview practice, salary-negotiation advice and resumé distribution to employment agencies and headhunters.


Management Diagnostics

Our highly experienced auditors have the ability to assess management’s performance in detail. This process includes the analysis of the quality of decision-making, efficiency of operations, profitability, corporate policies, internal controls, personnel relations, social responsibility, marketing factors, and the ability to keep up to date technologically.

The highly dynamic examination of efficiency of operations and/or personnel may focus on individual as well as collective evaluation. Moreover, we can provide a Management Diagnostics analysis which seeks to answer the following questions about an organisation in detail:

“who are our true performers?”
“where are our high potentials?”
“which managers suit our new strategy for the future?”
“who has what development potential?”
“how good are we in a benchmarking comparison with our main competitors?”
“what strategies are to be recommended and what steps must be taken in order to prepare existing human resources  for the future?”

Organisational Counselling

We are capable of providing insight into company culture vs. market trends, development direction and identification of organisational needs, restructuring or reorganisation, globalisation and localisation, basically all the processes which generate change. At the same time, we assist you in identifying answers to key issues.



Through years of experience our coaches are able to provide in-depth quality assessment of management structures, organisational structures and/or individual executive performance as well as take an active part in the development of leadership skills. The primary objective of our coaching services is to provide extensive and comprehensive benefits to the client. We have the ability to assign coaches specific to your needs with far-reaching knowledge in a large variety of business/industry sectors. As a result the client can enjoy the benefit of external, impartial recommendations with the expressed goal of improving the organisation’s or individual’s overall performance and providing a valuable learning experience.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a facilitative one-to-one, mutually designed relationship between a professional coach and a key contributor who has a powerful position in the organisation. Our experienced coaches are contracted for the benefit of the client who is accountable for highly complex decisions with a wide scope of impact.


Career Coaching

Nowadays, changing a career path is not that easy any more. The age of reliable and guaranteed jobs, routine promotions and in-house careers is over. Only one thing is certain: The best can always find their niche!
We support our clients in learning to enhance their own market value and to formulate a clear, succinct message so as to unleash their career potential to the full. We have the expertise and the domain experience to enhance our clients personal growth.
The objective of our coaching is to guide candidates in their career change processes. We help them to find the best career path and to work out the way beyond.
Therefore, we guide every client towards self-management and towards taking responsibility for his / her own life and making his / her own choices.



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