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General information:
RecruitMen was founded in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2007. Since 2012, it has been a member of the RecruitMen & Developium Group. Since its foundation, the company has established a position as a renowned HR services provider. Company’s success is grounded in extensive experience, competence and expertise of our consultants. Our common goal is to provide our clients long-term cooperation and innovative solutions for the clients.

Our services:
Executive search
Behavioral Assesment centre
Career consulting
Online assesment (psychometrics)

Our focus:
The company RecruitMen is personnel consulting company focusing on leading and development of human resources. We offer complete solutions to needs of clients requirements. The main core of the activities is searching of appropriate candidates for an open job positions and services connect with a development of existed sources. Our team consists of experienced consultants who are fully qualified and helpful to solve client´s requirements and needs. The philosophy of our company is to be always professional and have always a personal approach to our clients.

Lead consultants:

Marko Šarmír


7 years of experiences in the area of human resources and sales as a head hunter, trainer, HR consultant, sales manager. His expertise is in the field of competency models, behavioral recruiting process, creating of development projects and process management. Experience in process-oriented project management and analysis of business processes, CRM systems consulting, implementation and design of personal databases, process optimization and reengineering of personnel department.

Roman Kurnický

cut-e danube Roman Kurnicky

15 years of experience in HR field on both sides. As interanl HR expert or HR manager in the various field of business and external consultant. He’s a consultant, coach and lector for different categories of employees from specialists through line management up to top management. He conducts consults, trainings and development activities for organizations based mainly on a competency approach from creating competency models through setting up the selection and development process up to creating evaluation and reward schemes.

Innovative and systematic consultant who offers organizations complex development programs, consults and guidance in creating HR strategies and implementation of HR systems. Dynamic, highly oriented on measurable results of HR activities with a sense of humour.


Veronika Koišová


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