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General Information

Nordic Headhunting finds and recruits specialists, managers, executives and board members. We are focused on finding candidates who can contribute to the company’s business development and achievements.

… We call them High Performers.

Why are High Performers interesting?
• High Performers have a decisive impact on the company’s business development and bottom line
• High Performers are becoming increasingly necessary to ensure long-term competitiveness
• High Performers are highly motivated in the job
• High Performers deliver concrete results for the company

… and in general they have a key position in the company.


Our Services

• Executive Search

Sector Function
  • Industry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Building/Property
  • Energy
  • Service
  • FMCG
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Auto
  • Life Science
  • General Management
  • Project Management
  • Commercial
  • Marketing / Communication
  • CSR
  • Finance
  • Research & Development
  • HR
  • IT
  • Law
  • QHSE
  • Production / Supply Chain




Steen Høybye Mortensen

Managing Partner

Master, Economics and BA

Experienced executive within insurance, finance, real estate, auto industry, construction and civil engineering.

Steen Høybye Mortensen has great experience in headhunting directors, managers and specialists in the Nordic area, and has experience in how the Nordic and Pan-European organizations function. He comes from a position as headhunter at one of the largest headhunting companies in Scandinavia.

He has previously worked as head of the Nordic organization in Egmont, where he was Commercial Director and at Volvo Cars, where he was Marketing Manager.

He has considerable knowledge of the financial sector where he worked for Brdr. Trier, Hafnia Bank a/s and Alm. Brand a/s, and was most recently Group Marketing Director with the responsibility for cross selling and customer loyalty between the business units: Banking, Insurance and Pension.

In addition, he has worked in the property industry at Nybolig, Estate and the property development company Center Plan a/s, where he was the Property Manager for Denmark’s largest residential portfolio.



Stephan Kofoed-Hansen

Managing Partner

BA, Digital Electronics

Experienced executive within HR, technology, industry, IT and Life Science.

Stephan Kofoed-Hansen specializes in solving tasks in the more tactical and specialized functions including IT, engineering and commercial areas – and has in recent years built up strong networks. He comes from a former position as headhunter in one of the largest headhunting companies in Scandinavia.

He has during the past 20 years been engaged in the IT, HR and industrial sectors. He has built up solid experience, including leadership experience, through positions as Division Director and Sales Manager, but also through a number of IT-based project assignments.

He has a strong business understanding when it comes to technical, industrial and political organizations, and the challenges they often meet.

During the last 6 years he has worked within the HR field – and as a headhunter he has fulfilled a variety of recruitment assignments for some of Denmark’s leading companies.



Michael Grann

Managing Partner

HD-R, Economy

Experienced executive within Service Industry, Retail, F&B, Production and Industrial Sector, Supply Chain and Finance.

Michael Grann has great experience in headhunting directors, managers and specialists on all levels. He comes from a former position as headhunter at a leading Global headhunting company.

During the past 27 years he has made a solid career working as board member, CFO, Group Controller, Financial Analyst and Auditor, where he has built up extensive experience in creating growth, efficiency and results.

He has considerable knowledge of working with M&A, leading High Performers and winning teams as Global Market leader as well as Managing Director at SSP Denmark, the market leader within multi-F&B operations in Denmark and a branch of SSP, the leading Global Food Travel Experts.

Furthermore, he has an extensive experience within Finance and Economy as CFO and former Auditor at KPMG.

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