Hiring & Recruitment

The Future of Hiring & Recruitment

Given how the world is changing and the new emerging trends, especially post-covid, which will be the future of recruitment and hiring? Here are some dynamics that we have been observing so far this year:

  1. Technology

As technology advances, many manual processes, such as scheduling, and data entry will likely be automated. This will free up time for recruiters to become even more focused on strategic activities, such as managing your brand and finding high skilled candidates that truly match your culture.

  1. Technology & Human

Recruiting is becoming more technical but at the same time the human touch is always more desired. In fact, data analysis and digital marketing skills are growing in demand as well as renewed emphasis on human empathy. On one hand candidates look for smooth and transparent hiring processes where they can already breath the company culture and do not want to be treated like a number, and on the other hand recruitment is about human beings therefore the human side remains vital.

  1. The recruitment Funnel

Recruitment partners are starting to manage candidates’ pipeline with the marketing funnel logic, which means to break down the hiring process into awareness, interest, decision and action stages. A strong connection with the company is essential to live at the best and in most fruitful way all stages of the process, arriving at the end with a conscious decision.

  1. Future valuable addition

The candidates that are not chosen for a specific fit, may become a valuable addition to the team later on. Treating all applicants with respect, showing them the company culture, building relationships is important to keep the doors open for future needs.

  1. New talent mobility opportunities

Why only moving talent geographically or vertically up the career ladder? It’s time to consider alternative options, such as lateral moves to other teams or projects, and virtual “experience exchange” assignments. Technology allows us to effectively combine in-person and virtual collaboration across functions opening exciting new growth opportunities.

Have you noticed any other trends? What has been happening in your company? Any suggestions or predictions for the future of recruitment?

Gaia Urati