Digital Transformation managers

Lead the Digital Transformation

Digital is no longer a choice. But how are companies dealing with digital transformation? Is it enough to hire a new IT Manager or a Digital Specialist? The truth is that sensitivity towards technologies cannot start from technical profiles whose job is to transform a strategy into professional commodities.

The most powerful element in Digital Transformation is certainly managerial engagement. In fact, allocating the budget for new devices or platforms is only part of the process. The real transformation can only take place when cultural, social and organizational changes are implemented thanks to the opportunities that the digital can offer. In this perspective, the commitment of the management is fundamental.

So, which skills do managers need to have in order to lead the Digital Transformation?

  1. Mobile digital mindset. Leaders need to have such mindset which is nowadays a must have for change and growth. This mindset will allow them to develop a robust and effective data-driven digital strategy.
  2. People care. Leaders need to demonstrate a high regard for their people. People management skills, especially in terms of emotional intelligence, are essential to tackle the difficult cultural challenges of the fast-paced digital environment.
  3. Communication. Beyond strategy and processes, the real difference lays in the way organizations decide to communicate what they are doing. It is important to be surrounded by leaders who can articulate the value of digitalisation and to connect and resonate with any stakeholders.

Digital is no longer a choice, but the decision of building a bridge between Business and IT by hiring the adequate leaders is yours.

Gaia Urati