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New Job: Reshape your Leadership

A successful recruitment process includes an effective onboarding. On one hand the organization itself has to organize a complete training and introduction to the new reality but on the other hand the new employee has a great power. What happens when you start a new job? How are your Leadership and identity perceived and what can you do to start with the right foot?

When joining a new organization, the new colleagues will seek information about you and their first impression will be highly influenced by what they discover and your existing reputation. This is why the first interactions are very important: they can either confirm or improve the perception that others have of you. It is your chance to reinforce your Leadership brand and to make the changes you would like to. Decide how your Leadership needs to be shaped and act accordingly. All Leaders starting a new job should take a moment to plan their personal branding strategy in order to succeed from day one.

Here are some suggestions to start planning your strategy:

  • Think about your unique value proposition as a Leader. Do you have one? How does it align with the new context? How can you convey it?
  • Think about your new colleagues, peers and managers. What’s their state of being? Which are their expectations? Do they have any fears? What can you do to meet their expectations and alleviate their fears? Be ready to listen and learn before judging and taking action.
  • Remember to be authentic and consistent. Don’t try to be someone you are not because others will notice and you will lose credibility. Think about the Leader you want to be, know your strengths and areas of improvement, and speak and act accordingly. Reinforce your identity in all situations: in formal meetings, in virtual video calls, when commenting a post on social medias.
  • Start gathering information about the new organization and culture and be ready to ask well thought and well timed questions.

Regardless your industry and your new role, remember that networking will be vital to your success. Interact with people, be curious about what they do and why they do it. This applies also if you work remotely:  try to create virtual occasions to connect with others, get to know the people you work with, and keep in touch. It will help both your professional performance and career and your personal life.

Gaia Urati