Set another place at the – virtual – table

Post-Covid is the time in which everyone talks about a new beginning, a change. But where can such transformation come from? The answer includes two main keywords: people and crossover collaboration.

Believing in the difference that only human beings can make we want to emphasize the importance of networking. Social distancing is certainly in the way but luckily enough, technology now allows us to virtually interact overpassing physical boundaries.

Be curious and reach out to the person that yesterday had a positive impact on your favourite webinar. Let others inspire you. Hire someone who comes from another industry. Seek new perspectives that help you see situations from a different angle. Listen to other stories to write your own or look for a co-writer. Build strong relationships, collaborate and think out of the box in order to achieve greater results.

This is also what we have been doing. During the global pandemic our network has bonded even more to share ideas, to find common solutions and options to tackle the complex situation. The diversity that each of us brings into the network is our association’s strength.

It is the first time in our history that our Annual Meeting could not take place in person, but we could not give up the spark that is created when we all meet. So, we did all sit at the same table, but virtually.

Beyond designing new ways to better meet our clients’ emerging needs, we are happy to share that we set another place at our table: welcome Level Recruitment, our new partner in Sweden.

Thank you Level Recruitment for joining and nurturing our network with your expertise and spirit of collaboration.

And what about you, who will be your next inspiration that will help you shape the future of your organization?

Gaia Urati