Partners candidates hiring process

Partners, not just candidates

The impact of talent placement becomes positive and significant when we consider recruitment and the entire hiring process a lot more than just filling roles. Especially for management positions, the turning point is to look at the candidates as if they were potential partners.

Here is why:

  • It is important to match not only skills but the right strategic vision to propel business growth.
    Having on board leaders who believe in the company’s vision and help reaching it is essential for the organization success.
  • Hiring a leader that matches the company’s culture and values ensures a fruitful long-term professional relationship.
    In this sense, a new manager becomes a new professional partner and ambassador of the organization.
  • In the common knowledge of most employers looking for candidates often means to keep the focus on surface-level details such as job titles and responsibilities. The effort during a hiring process is to gain deeper understanding of transferrable skills, achievements, career path and future goals. Starting a new role is a change, therefore assessing their willingness to learn and adapt is as important as evaluating experience in project management or leadership.
    A candidate with the mindset of a partner will more likely encourage his/her team to perform at their best and in the direction wanted by the organization.
  • Companies do not need managers who just do what they are told. Companies need extraordinary leaders who believe in what they do. A partner is someone who shares your goal and always have clear in mind where you both want to go. Partners doesn’t just work, but put their hearts in what they do.

To look for such candidates who add value to your organization with their extra oomph takes recruitment to a different level.

For this reason, make sure your recruitment process is in good hands: it takes years to learn a skill and being able to conduct successful interviews is certainly a skill that requires practice and preparation. Poorly structured interviews, inconsistent assessment can lead to poor hiring decisions. Choose interviewers who can conduct an effective recruitment process, support you in making conscious and informed hiring decisions and help you in spotting your next “partners”.

Gaia Urati