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Shaping the Post-Covid Recruitment

COVID-19 and the containment policies have changed how we work. As we learn from history, such changes are very likely to persist and reshape our behaviours.

In our traditional industry, we have already experienced greater emphasis on remote working and digital collaboration, and we shall expect other significant changes and innovations as well as the introduction of new processes.

But technology does not do it all. Recruiters and hiring managers will have to adapt and innovate their interviewing methods during all the phases of a recruitment process.

Some may already be experts; some others may be learning now. Some might be wondering if they will be able to schedule in-person interviews for the final choice, others might be thinking about ways to structure a remote interview so to capture all the nonverbal and paraverbal aspects that were easily noticeable during an in-person meeting. Many more might be wondering how to develop a virtual onboarding that will guarantee the beginning of a successful employee experience.

We have to redesign many recruitment facets without forgetting that the crisis urging us to change is also – if not primarily – humanitarian. Let’s show our technical competence but let’s be honest, open and collaborative. Today more than ever we shall put the wellbeing of our people at the heart of what we do.

In shaping the Post-Covid Recruitment let’s all conscientiously look ahead, champion change, be willing to reskill, be hopeful and oriented to growth. Only by practising, promoting, improving and choosing these skills will we be able to seize opportunity in adversity.

Gaia Urati