recruitment off-boarding & employer branding

Retention Off-boarding & Employer Branding

Recruitment, retention and off-boarding are all pieces of the same puzzle: Employer Branding. Let’s see why and how to manage them in order to create a positive impact:

  • Recruitment is the first step in which talents start getting to know your organization. Even your potential recruitment partner will be part of the first impression that candidates will have of you. The structure and the timing of the recruitment process, how communications are delivered are all elements that impact your business reputation.

  • Building an effective retention strategy that includes onboarding and orientation, mentorship programs, continuous feedback on performance, training and development, recognition and reward systems, flexible work arrangements that are becoming more and more important for employees, will help make them feel appreciated and valued. If employees are satisfied, they will be spontaneously promoting your organization and will convey positive messages about your brand. Moreover, strengthening such strategy will reduce your turnover as people will want to stay.

  • Creating a positive off-boarding experience in which relationships are not compromised will contribute to leave a positive image of the organization and will also be the spin to eventually recommend the organization to others. In this perspective, we can think of employees as consumers: if the customer journey in a store includes the experience at the cashier and everything that happens before customers leave the store and even the parking lot, the employee journey includes how employees are accompanied at the door and this is the feeling that will guide their future actions. Furthermore, a comprehensive exit program can reveal why your employees are leaving and where they are going, and these elements can help you improving your employee experience and reduce your retention rate.

  • Building a strong alumni program as part of the employee experience. This can be a powerful tool to stay in touch, maintain a sense of belonging to the corporate community and to keep creating a positive experience for former employees who will continue to talk about your reality and sponsor your organization.

All the above-mentioned actions are strictly connected to your reputation and your brand. How well is your organization performing in these areas?


Gaia Urati