Skills to learn 2024

Skills to learn and develop in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, companies are focusing on growth, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, more quality, and strategic investments in talent and technology. The future of these organizations lies in their people and their skills: they need to adapt to the evolving demands of the market.

We have gathered here some skills that from our experience are becoming more and more essential to learn and develop, especially for future managers:

  1. Data Analysis. This skill entails being able to visualize, extract, filter and interpret complex data to make it accessible for use by key decision-makers. This enables organizations to implement well-informed strategies.
  2. Digital literacy: An in-depth understanding and application of new technological tools is important to remain competitive on the market.
  3. Global perspective: A broad understanding of global dynamics will be essential to make strategic decisions in line with the world’s challenges.
  4. Innovative problem-solving and creative thinking: Being able to find successful, creative and innovative solutions will be a valuable skill when facing crises and sudden disruptions.
  5. Sustainability leadership: always more businesses are integrating sustainable practices into their business strategies so being able to understand and implement such new vision is key to a successful performance.
  6. Empathy and active listening: this skill has been in the top skills for many years now and it will always be as we are all humans, and we need to become better at interacting with each other. This skill enables leaders to build positive relationships.

In May 2023 the World Economic Forum published the Future of Jobs report in which we can read that 44% of workers’ core skills are expected to change in the next five years and many other interesting trends such as the following:

Top 10 skills of 2023

Top 10 skills on the rise

You can find here the full report for more specific insights and data. As you can read, most skills on the rise reflect the emerging market needs and consider both the technological and the human dynamics of our business contexts.

So, which skills will you be developing during 2024? Choose the skills of your professional future and work on them.

Gaia Urati