Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition

The Great Resignation and a highly competitive labour market have made attracting and retaining talents a major challenge for employers. How can you make sure your people stay and new people are interested in working in your organization? Try to understand what people need to build a sustainable future for themselves and try to match it with the sustainable growth of your organization. In other words, design an employee value proposition which includes key elements for our future, especially in terms of social and economic sustainability: meaning and purpose, networking, opportunities to grow, well-being.

  1. Meaning and purpose

Why does the organization exist? And why do employee work here? Does the job you are offering help them achieve something greater? Each role in your organization has a specific goal as a piece of a bigger puzzle? And mostly, are your employees aware of it? Especially younger generations look for a role in which they feel useful and thanks to which they can contribute to something important. Is your organization able to fulfil their desire to improve the local and the global societies?

  1. Networking

Belonging to a specific organization, being part of a larger group are inspirating aspects of a positive organization culture in which people feel valued and appreciated. Employees are first human beings and then workers, so they look for environment in which they can build positive relationship, connect with others and create a special community. What’s the common factor of the community your employees are creating? Does it help them achieve their purpose? Which business ethic is shared?

  1. Opportunities to grow

As mentioned previously, workers are persons. As person they evolve. Their career should follow their personal evolution: people need to grow also professionally, developing new skills, balancing their skills with encouraging and satisfying challenges. Trainings, assessments, coaching programs, job rotations and promotions play an important role in such regard. However, all those initiatives, in order to be efficient, need to be structured and be included in a coherent framework.

  1. Well-being

An essential topic to be covered. And it’s not about the new emerging trends, but it is about giving people the choice and possibility to be the people they want to be, also outside work. Schedule flexibility, hybrid or remote work, the possibility to bring your kid or your pet in the office encourage people to take care of their personal lives, to build personal relationships and to be happier and able to perform better at work. Supplying work devices that ease the delivery of work activities, creating a physical space in which employees feel comfortable, offering equal compensations are all part of such well-being.

Does your employee value proposition incorporate these aspects? Let us just mention that it is important to have them implemented and not just on paper. What would your workers reply if we asked them to answer this question? Would they recommend your organization to potential employees?

If you are looking for inspiring Employee Value Propositions, please read here this article, you will find 13 successful examples which include the above mentioned elements.

Gaia Urati