Re-recruit your employees employee experience

Re-recruit your employees

The marketplace for talent has shifted and beyond focusing on recruiting new resources and on the people who are quitting we shall put thoughtful attention into those who are staying. Today we are in a time when individuals are cautious about joining a new employer, and therefore it’s more important than ever to look after the talent we already have. Employee experience is the key to an increasing growth curve: imagine to re-recruit your employees every day!

Creating a positive employee experience means to have on board engaged people who greatly contribute to the success of the organization. If the employee experience is weak or not satisfying people will either quit or stay for inertia while working unwillingly. Our organizations need people who work everyday with the same excitement and motivation of their first day.

How can we re-recruit our resources and therefore guarantee an effective employee experience? Here are some suggestions.


When recruiting new resources, especially younger generations, it is important to highlight the purpose and the impact their role will have on the success of the organization. The same applies to those who stay within the company. Everyday people need to feel that their job is making a difference and that they are essential pieces of the bigger puzzle. If our people lose interest in the organization purpose and start feeling that what they do is useless, they will more likely quit. It’s important to engage them, eventually asking for their help in solving problems, and to keep emphasizing how each individual contribution helps the entire organization reach the shared goal.

Potential and possibility

When hiring a new resource, we often assess candidates and make decisions based on talents’ potential. We need to make sure this potential is developed within our company. Let’s not give anything for granted and keep asking our people what excite them, and which are their professional desires. Contexts change, organizations evolve and so do individuals. Being in touch with our people, making sure we know what motivates them and which are their goals, will help offering career paths in line with their personal objectives and encourage them to keep growing professionally and contribute always more to the success of the organization.

Future prospective

During a recruitment process candidates evaluate the prospective the organization offers them, and so keep doing current employees. They need to be aware of their future prospective in terms of role, development, career, and organizational changes so to avoid sudden unexpected disruptions that would negatively impact their motivation and performance. Regularly share with them the organization directions and opportunities for them to fulfil their ambitions.

Open communication

Keeping the dialogue alive with our people is the most important aspects of healthy and constructive professional relationships
. When hiring, it is important to be precise about the recruitment process and consider candidates first as people and then as professionals. Similarly, when people are already on board, we have to keep them informed, show appreciation for their efforts, value their contributions, give them the attention they deserve and show respect for their ideas.


We tend to create always more pleasant and fun recruiting experiences through different assessment types and even games. Our people already in the organization also need to have fun and work in a positive environment. Scheduling social and fun teambuilding activities or implementing serious game simulations for example will make training more fun and people will be happier to attend. Fun is a key element to create positive mindset, build trust and encourage open communication.

Re-recruitment happens when a strategy is in place as it cannot be done occasionally at the coffee machine. Are you already re-recruiting your employees through a structured and successful employee experience? How? 

Gaia Urati