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Slow down to Build Success

Our world and our lives are in continuous evolution and the rhythm is always faster. Let’s think at the timeframe in which we expect an answer via email, or via whatsapp. Let’s think at how fast and sudden changes in organizations can also take place. Being used to such quick responses and progress we expect the same to happen to us, our careers and success. It may happen though that this rapid evolution does not occur. At first, we may feel unsatisfied but … Have you ever though that slowing down can be a turning point in your professional career?

If you feel that your career is not moving forward, perhaps it is the opportunity and the time to rethink your professional life and shift your focus. It is not about rushing and running chasing promotions and bonus, but it is about leaning into what you really want and following your purpose and thinking long-term to make your future self-proud. Remind yourself that:

Consistency is the key to success – not intensity. Try to focus on your personal and professional goals and think about how you can get there. Think in terms of your values and the difference you want to make through your daily work. Focus on one or two aspects only. Do not pretend too much.

Reflect on your current position. Analyse your current job and highlight what you like most and what you do not enjoy in order to be aware and be able to state if asked how you can best express yourself, also within the same organization.

Be patient. The path to success is never linear. Perform what Dorie Clark calls “strategic patience” in her book The Long Game. Strategic patience is a daily practice especially needed when your success has stalled or even taken a step backward. It requires you to work toward your goal without the regular confirmation of recognition or accolades. Don’t give up and use this time efficiently.

As the Australian occupational therapist Angela Lockwood says “When we slow down, we give our bodies the time they need to rest and re-energize, we become agile in our responses to unexpected challenges; this enhances our ability to make better decisions, and our creativity flows.” And this may be just what we need sometimes. Do not stress yourself but listen to yourself instead.

To conclude, our suggestion is to live the current slowdown in your career with a positive mindset and approach as it could be a turning point, an opportunity to repivot your ambition, goal, and outlook. And organizations will benefit from revitalized people who match their personal values and purpose with the organization’s mission and vision.

Gaia Urati